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Nibiru Visible In The Sky May 2013

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Reports are coming in from people around the world that Planet X Nibiru is now visible in the sky. Supposedly Nibiru is visible when the sun sets and rises. These reports also claim that Planet X Nibiru is a Brown Dwarf so it will have a much stronger gravitational pull and can do way more damage.


I was not planning on finding this, but I did for a reason. This picture was posted on tripadvisor by someone who was sharing a hotel review. The purpose was not to show Nibiru or anything like that. I have seen different pictures online of people who have captured the same image with their cameras.  I don’t know but I think this could be Nibiru.


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  1. I think you may be right or you may be wrong. It is impossible to make a correct decision unless I see it with my own eyes. Images can and may be doctored. Once I see with my own naked eyes I can make my decision but until then, I have to be careful!