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Musings On The Eve Of Destruction

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My thoughts stopped gelling on particular subjects of late. Made a big move lately and am enjoying the complete shift of natural reference points. Huge full body sigh. There’s lots in the cooker but on the world scene this particular time is very peculiar. It seems to moan in anticipation of a global undoing, a sort of culmination of negative intention.

We know the powers that be are busy plotting, and itching to pull their well placed triggers. It’s incessant and only escalating.

But it’s deeper than that. A sort of resignation almost, that we’re headed for catastrophe and nothing can dissuade it from happening.

A programmed hive acceptance, the worst kind of affirmation.

What Can We Do

We live in a matrix. An intricately woven medium of information and ideas on many, many levels. We were born into it and partook of its furtherance to varying degrees by imbibing it and abiding by it, furthering its agenda via our careers and lifestyles.

We didn’t get to choose.

We could only choose to eventually wake up or not, given the opportunity. This came via urges of the heart, mind and spirit as well as life altering events such as accidents, health challenges, loss of loved ones, or psychic, mystic and/or psychedelic experiences. Even then it was take it or leave it as we moved through this medium called life on planet Earth.

Synthesize, Don’t Anesthetize

Endeavoring to keep up with the flow of information, both reliable and not, is a challenge. I attempt it every day because it keeps me stimulated. But I could live very nicely without it.

The “stream” of information coming at us means exactly that, it’s streaming at us. It doesn’t let up.

How to handle it? Let it flow and watch from conscious awareness. It will invariably move you to a frame of reference so beautifully higher and more transcendent that you’ll wonder how in the world you ever saw anything as “they” say it was.

That’s the thrill of “waking up”.

The good news is things are crystallizing really quickly. Either people are getting it, or solidifying into their defensive bunkers of denial and self serving matrix affirmations.

Those more conscious and alert, the “good hearted” folks, are getting it big time! It happens in every sphere…political wake ups, economic awakenings, media manipulations being exposed, esoteric revelations, it’s all over the place.

What To Do? Act!

Take action. Change your life accordingly, you can’t help it! Tell others, you can’t prevent doing otherwise! Live according to your heart, it’s who you are!

This is what the NOW is all about. You and me, NOW, what we are doing! What have we done? Are we asleep or awake?

That’s the big question. It comes down to you and me.

I know what I am doing and I’m at perfect peace with it.

Are you?

If not, get there. YOU are the solution you know to be true.

Don’t shirk it, whatever Universe is calling you to do.

It’s time. It’s always time to be awake and aware.

A desperate, dying world awaits.

Love, Zen

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