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What Is Truth?

For most of my life, humanity has been in a critical mass separation of belief systems. Many humans operate from a belief that there is no one absolute truth, that the human race is characterized by a number of different belief systems. We are a young race separated in our truth when it comes to topics such as the origin of our species, God, or other concepts that are deemed unusual. Throughout history, we have seen the suppression of people and information who were seeking wisdom and knowledge.

Plato, for example was someone who questioned everything, he also shared knowledge from civilizations that preceded him, like Atlantis. He was sentenced to death by the Aristocratic families simply for teaching others how to question what they were told about reality. Galileo is another one that comes to mind, his work was burned and condemned by the church, who in my opinion have connections that go back to the ruling bloodlines in Plato’s time. A more modern example could be an individual like Dr Brian O’Leary, or other brave men and women who have come forth in favor of certain truths.

Intellectual and spiritual authorities have always suppressed elements of our reality to obtain more control over the people. This concept is becoming an absolute truth for the critical mass of humanity, and it is still done today. A wise being once said that the wisest one knows that he does not know anything at all. This is true, the pursuit of wisdom and truth must begin from a place of curiosity and an open mind. At the same time, to be totally convinced of your truth, and to live in your truth is not something bad. I can indeed imagine a race of billions united in their truth instead of separated by their belief systems. In order to get to truth, the human race must go through many experiences, on an individual and collective level. We are waking up to many new
truths and concepts of our reality, that doesn’t mean we are waking up to one absolute truth, or maybe we are? Either way the quest is snowballing in the right direction for the human race. 2013 beyond is the acceleration of the planet in the direction it chooses to go, for individuals and human beings as one race.
The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment, far outweigh the reasons sighted to justify them. There is a very grave danger, that an announced need for secrecy, will be seized upon by those wanting to carry it’s meaning to the limits of official censorship. We are as a people, opposed to secret societies – JFK
JFK was referring to absolute truths that are purposely suppressed by what he referred to as a “closed society” . President Eisenhower commonly warned us about the “military industrial complex”, most concealment exists within this complex. Truth is a word that gives meaning to many different interpretations. It’s also a concept; in that it applies to many different subjects and is usually highly debatable. Humanity is characterized by a number of different truths at a number of different levels on a number of different subjects. I like to use what I call “Absolute truths” as an example.

These are thoughts, ideas and concepts that a large majority of people on planet Earth believe to be undebatable. There are also truths that are perceived by the critical mass, truth that is agreed upon overall by the majority of people on planet Earth. For the sake of this article, truths that a large majority on the planet can agree upon will be called absolute truths. For example, pesticides are sprayed on our food, I would call that an absolute truth. Absolute truths also come with reasons for justifications, and just because a large majority on Earth believe something to be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. Because in reality, there really are no absolute truths, or are there?

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Reasons for justification are used to determine a truth. In this case it’s pesticides and the justification is to kill germs. I am simply using this one example out of many that exist for providing an example of a justification of an absolute truth.The reason for justification here does not justify our indigestion of toxic chemicals. Justification for absolute truths can be manipulated; the justification for an absolute truth can still be a lie told in the form of truth. In this case, it’s the killing of germs, but that is not why they spray the pesticides on our food. Telling a truth in the form of a lie has been a tactic of media, education, politics and more. In Plato’s age, it was the work of what he called ‘sophists’, and the Aristocrats as well as an ancient practice of occultism.

Whether you believe in secret societies or not, there is no doubt that it was within these closed societies throughout ancient history where philosophy, magic and other idiosyncrasies developed and were highly sought after. Earths real history is quite beautiful, and amazing, maybe one day we will know the real story of planet Earth, maybe some alright do. What we will in our everyday life has largely been a result of perception manipulation while others who keep us in the dark play with new concepts of reality behind closed doors. But what is really interesting about all of this is that we have been living in the age of transparency, the curtain is lifting and we are discovering that all we need to do is take a second and listen to ourselves, go within, talk to your soul and have a conversation with it, contemplate with yourself.

Using a truth to tell a lie is a tactic that’s been used to fool and trick the human race. We can ask many questions about many subjects, and arrive to more absolute truths as we do so. There are some absolute truths that cannot be arrived at without experience. This is what we call empiricism, knowledge based on experience. Basically, the concept of truth exists at many different levels, to the point where we stopped receiving certain truths. For example, information that has been concealed from the human race, history proves that throughout our past we have been subject to misinformation, and concealment of information. I feel I must include this fact into the truth discussion, because on one level of truth interpretation, these concealed facts are absolute truths for a much smaller group of the population on the planet.

I am talking about the military generals, the scientists, all of the personnel that are used in the work of those who own the money supply exist on another level of absolute truths. Call them the Illuminati, or call them a small group of people that control the worlds resources, the trilateral commission or the council on foreign relations, either way I feel that we have approached a critical mass of human beings that have merged in their knowing and no longer have to imagine a united race separated by belief systems. Obviously the human race must continue to experience transitions to get to where we all desire to go, understandably a lack of knowing has contributed to manipulation, stories, thoughts and beliefs that we have believed without question.

This is a video that Joe did that really resonated with me, check it out Much Love

Is there not one truth? Regardless of wether we know what truth is

Source: Collective Evolution

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