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Why the world will not end on December 21, 2012

We are posting this article on Dec 19 – just 2 days before the highly anticipated Dec 21, 2012.

There are thousands articles circulating on the Internet about Dec 21,2012.
Many of them are predicting a major disaster and even the end of the world on that day.

With all due respect to authors of such articles, we predict that Dec 21, 2012 will be just another regular winter solstice and nothing more…

Our article 2012 Doomsday – Bullshit or Present Danger? – World Mysteries explores some very realistic doomsday scenarios (extreme solar flare, magnetic poles reversal, asteroid impact, man made catastrophe), however none of them can be linked to Dec 21, 2012.

The 2012 doomsday became one of the most controversial subjects of the XXI century. The Internet is saturated with thousands of catastrophic predictions and apocalyptic prophecies.
Some proponents of 2012 suggest that instead of end of life we will experience a shift in our collective consciousness level… Many religions state that the end of time is to arrive soon. The Apocalypse in the Bible describes the time of utter chaos and destruction. From natural disasters to the final battle between good and evil (Armageddon), the end of the world is supposed to be near… Is it all bullshit and hype? Is it possible that we may witness some global cataclysm which could bring the end to the world (or at least decimate life on Earth)?

Ancient writings* and geological evidence suggest that during its history, our planet experienced many catastrophic events. Could such disasters happen again? To make it worse, humankind became a real threat to its own survival2012 Doomsday article might help you to arrive to your own conclusions …
* According to Plato:

In the Egyptian Delta, at the head of which the river Nile divides, there is a certain district which is called the district of Sais, and the great city of the district is also called Sais, and is the city from which King Amasis came. [...] To this city came Solon, and was received there with great honour; he asked the priests who were most skilful in such matters, about antiquity, and made the discovery that neither he nor any other Hellene knew anything worth mentioning about the times of old.

On one occasion, wishing to draw them on to speak of antiquity, he began to tell about the most ancient things in our part of the world-about Phoroneus, who is called “the first man,” and about Niobe; and after the Deluge, of the survival of Deucalion and Pyrrha; and he traced the genealogy of their descendants, and reckoning up the dates, tried to compute how many years ago the events of which he was speaking happened.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Thereupon one of the priests, who was of a very great age, said: O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are never anything but children, and there is not an old man among you. Solon in return asked him what he meant. I mean to say, he replied, that in mind you are all young; there is no old opinion handed down among you by ancient tradition, nor any science which is hoary with age. And I will tell you why. There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes.

There is a story, which even you have preserved, that once upon a time Paethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father’s chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals; at such times those who live upon the mountains and in dry and lofty places are more liable to destruction than those who dwell by rivers or on the seashore.

And from this calamity the Nile, who is our never-failing saviour, delivers and preserves us. When, on the other hand, the gods purge the earth with a deluge of water, the survivors in your country are herdsmen and shepherds who dwell on the mountains, but those who, like you, live in cities are carried by the rivers into the sea. Whereas in this land, neither then nor at any other time, does the water come down from above on the fields, having always a tendency to come up from below; for which reason the traditions preserved here are the most ancient. The fact is, that wherever the extremity of winter frost or of summer does not prevent, mankind exist, sometimes in greater, sometimes in lesser numbers. And whatever happened either in your country or in ours, or in any other region of which we are informed-if there were any actions noble or great or in any other way remarkable, they have all been written down by us of old, and are preserved in our temples.

Whereas just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilence, comes pouring down, and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education; and so you have to begin all over again like children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times, either among us or among yourselves. As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children.

In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones; in the next place, you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. And this was unknown to you, because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word. — Plato, Timaeus (Translated by Benjamin Jowett )
The Pyramids of Giza and 2012

One of the popular predictions for the major event on Dec 21, 2012 is based on assumption that the Pyramids of Giza were built to honor an extremely rare planetary convergence (on Dec 3, 2012).

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
A closer look at the Pyramids of Giza and their layout, reveals that they were designed to showcase incredible knowledge of geometry, mathematics, geodesy and astronomy.
Therefore connection with stars of Orion’s belt* and planetary patterns is either coincidental or irrelevant…

*A good example of such “misinterpretation” is the Orion [Belt] correlation theory.

The claims made by Hancock, Bauval, and others (such as Adrian Gilbert and Anthony West) concerning the significance of these proposed correlations have been examined by several scientists, who have published detailed criticism and rebuttal of these ideas.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Among these critiques are several from two astronomers, Ed Krupp of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and Anthony Fairall, astronomy professor at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Using planetarium equipment, Krupp and Fairall independently investigated the angle between the alignment of Orion’s Belt and north during the era cited by Hancock, Bauval et al. (which differs from the angle seen today or in the 3rd millennium BC, because of the precession of the equinoxes), and found that the angle was somewhat different from the “perfect match” claimed by Bauval and Hancock in the Orion Constellation Theory– 47-50 degrees per the planetarium measurements, compared to the 38-degree angle formed by the pyramids.

Krupp also pointed out that the slightly-bent line formed by the three pyramids was deviated towards the north, whereas the slight “kink” in the line of Orion’s Belt was deformed to the south, and to match them up one or the other of them had to be turned upside-down. Indeed, this is what was done in the original book by Bauval and Gilbert (The Orion Mystery), which compared images of the pyramids and Orion without revealing the pyramids’ map had been inverted. Krupp and Fairall find other problems with the claims, including noting that if the Sphinx is meant to represent the constellation of Leo, then it should be on the opposite side of the Nile (the “Milky Way”) from the pyramids (“Orion”), that the vernal equinox c. 10,500 BC was in Virgo and not Leo, and that in any case the constellations of the Zodiac originate from Mesopotamia and were completely unknown in Egypt until the much later Graeco-Roman era. Ed Krupp repeated this “upside down” claim in the BBC documentary Atlantis Reborn (1999).

The Giza Pyramids Layout

Below, we present some of the amazing facts about the Pyramids at Giza that suggest they were built to showcase their builders’ knowledge of mathematics and astronomy.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
The layout of the Giza pyramids. Measured dimensions of the layout rectangle are 1732 Royal Egyptian Cubits by 1414 Royal Egyptian Cubits. This dimensions are equivalent of sqrt(3) x 1,000 by sqrt(2) x 1,000.

The Giza Pyramids Layout is generated from the 1000 * 1000 * 1000 cube:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Here are few truly “cosmic” coincidences!!!

* Equatorial Circumference of the Earth
1,000 x 360 x 365.24 feet= 131,486,400 feet = 40,077km…
Official value for equatorial circumference of the Earth: 40,075 kilometers

* also circumference of a circle with diameter equal 100 feet is 2 x pi x 100 feet = 2 x pi x 1200? =7539.8? = 365.25 RC measured in King’s Chamber

* For the square base of the Great Pyramid measured in meters, the Circumference of superscribed circle less the Circumference of the inscribed circle multiplied 106 times is equal speed of light

For the Great Pyramid, the side of the base (440) plus double height (2x 280=560) = 1,000 (which is also the scale of the layout rectangle of 3 Giza pyramids; the 1000 x 1000 square is generating the Giza layout).

Proportions of the Great Pyramid

The design of the Great Pyramid is based on base to height ratio 11/7 (measured dimensions in Royal Cubits: base = 440, height = 280).
Note: these proportions are independent of units of measuring length and will be exactly the same if we measure pyramids in meters, inches or any other units).

There are many numerological consequences of selecting these 2 numbers for the Great Pyramid proportions:

* 11/7 is very good approximation of “Pi:
11/7=1.5714… while (1/2) x Pi = 1.5708 (rounded to 4th decimal place)

* 11 + 7 = 18 (1 + 1 + 7 = 9 )
18 days * 24hrs * 60 min = 25,920. The Progression of the Equinox takes exactly 25,920 years.
9 days * 24 hours = 216, 216 = 6*6*6 (666 is famous “number of the beast” from the Bible)

* 11/7 generates proportions of the other 2 pyramids at Giza (and scale of 1st and 3rd pyramid reflects the scale of the rectangle layout of 3 pyramids) :

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
* On autumn equinox the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius)
216=63 , also 216=23 x 33

* 108 x 2= 216 = 6 x 6 x 6 , 666 is the number of the Sun (and also number of the Beast)

* 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21+22+ + 23+24+25+26+27+28+29+30+31+32+33+34+35+36= 666

If you want to explore this subject further, please read our series of articles Decoding Giza Pyramids

21st of Dec, 2012

Everyone has views and opinions on what will or will not happen on the 21.12.2012.

We think that a mass hysteria has absolutely no grounds…

While some people are panicking, others plan “end of the world” parties

Source: World Mysteries

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