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They Shoot Children, Don’t They?

There’s no way an irate parent goes around shooting children, whatever cockamamie story line they come up with. I don’t care what they say. Something’s amiss and it’s almost always mind control that’s involved. Legislation and/or executive orders banning guns are just waiting to be signed, so just watch the furor over this horrific school shooting in Connecticut get whipped into a frenzy and unilateral call for gun control.

They’ve been building their case for this a long time, and clearly stepped it up with these staged shootings over recent months.

Notice how they always pull stuff around Christmas every year for maximum emotional effect. There will be more, you can be sure. Usually a false flag phony terror plot “discovered” by the FBI. But this year they may just let one fly. Who knows.

Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: 27 People Dead Including 18 Children

At least 26 people are dead – including 18 children – after a gunman who is believed to be a student’s father opened fire today at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Police were dispatched to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after they received reports of shots being fired by a gunman in the main office of the school at 9.41am.

There are preliminary reports a student’s father, who is believed to be 20-years-old and from New Jersey, was the shooter. He was killed at the scene though it is unclear if he shot himself or was brought down by an officer. (more)

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Not the First Time They Target Children

The Oklahoma City false flag bombing is probably the most blatant use of child murder for the purpose of impact. Again, a mind controlled fall guy was set up to be the patsy while the government’s agents and their handlers who pulled it off go scot free. Again, to demonize a targeted group, that time being so-called “extremist” groups in America.

Look at all the youth killed in the Norway shootings while police conveniently dawdled around as the patsy killer stalked his prey.

But school shootings are a favorite. Look at Columbine. Another total cover up when several professional accomplices were spotted by witnesses and nothing was done about it. Same with the Colorado shootings and the attack on the Sikh congregation. Anything come of it? No. Lone shooter bullshit once again. Same with the JFK murder, the lone gunman is an easy fix. And just to be sure the imagined lone gunman gets killed in almost every case so there’s no finding out what really happened. The Colorado shooter lived so they had to drug him up so bad the world could even see it.

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They’re Cold Blooded Killers – Professional Mass Murderers

We live in a world controlled by very wicked elements who will do anything to further their designs. The horror is not as much with those who carry these atrocities as with those who orchestrate these crimes.

And war on the innocent is the perfect example.

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Here’s the callous CFR witch former Secretary of State Madeline Albright justifying the murder of over HALF A MILLION Iraqi children as collateral damage. Unbelievable.

Need I say more?

Be careful out there. Something wicked this way comes, from several directions. Don’t be part of it.

In spite of that, live in peace. Real peace.

Love, Zen

P.S. Sure enough, another shooter has been reported. Watch that story disappear!

P.P.S. Here we go with the gun control screed… Game’s on…


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