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In the Vortex

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By Julian Rose

It's just a bit unnerving isn't it? I mean, the way we are all trying to hold on to our familiar patterns of existence while all around us the unfamiliar is trying to bust in and show us something else.

Elements splintering off the old order flash past our cognition at accelerating speeds. Bits fly off orthodox and seemingly fixed dogmas, disappearing into the dark vortex from whence they came.

Once sacrosanct molecular DNA models are cracking open to reveal a swirling mass of sub atomic intelligence rising and falling like human breath. Genetic determinism is dimming fast while the fluid genome is ever emergent. While our 13 billion human cells, we now understand, are intelligently engaged in a constant two way dialogue with the outside world; yet, we still think we think by using our brains.

So what's going on?

Well, for one thing, the solar system in which we live, move and have our being, is fast approaching the central gravitational plain of the greater Universe of which it is a part. A cyclic event, it seems, which comes around only once every 26,000 years, representing the culmination of a great voyage through the cosmos as well as possibly marking a certain stepping stone in human evolution.

So now, as I understand it, our world is approaching - and is about to pass through - the densest part of this universal gravitational field. Very soon, in fact. During this process, our 'normal' three dimensional experience of life will likely undergo a great shaking down; out of which may emerge something altogether slimmer, lighter and better adapted to merge into world's of fourth, fifth or even sixth dimensional experience. But only if we are prepared to allow ourselves to freely enter into such an undergoing and don't put up the shutters.
The fact that this process is now speeding up and intensifying may explain why things are getting a bit chaotic here on Earth and why the messages that pulse out from this vortex are becoming ever more frequent and insistent. These messages are calling upon us to listen more willingly to the voice of our intuitions and to reconnect that which has for so long been disconnected; namely - 'head, heart and hand': Truly the rightful 'connected' state of existence for us human beings. Then to also allow a certain dissolving of the overtly intellectual field of expression to which our Western European culture has become so firmly attached; allowing in its place a more subtle and intuitive state to emerge.

There seems to be a call, perhaps directed towards urbanised man in particular, to ease off the computer keyboard and fore-sake the city pavement for the plough, so as to sculpt a fresh furrow in the field of life. To hone the eye to the symmetry of nature and heart to the rhythm of the seasons. Here, the call seems to be telling us, lies an enduring and time honoured river of life into which we are being invited to plunge.

But if we persist in maintaining our old resistance and cynicism; if we deny our symbiotic relationship with nature and the voice of our intuition, if we fritter and Twitter away our chance to move on - it may mean another 26,000 year voyage before we once again encounter such an auspicious opportunity – and what sort of planet earth will we find then?

Of course, its not so easy to let go of that which has, for so long, been a crutch for maintaining what we assume to be our habitual needs and daily patterns of life.

But can there be any denying that we need to progressively let go of the mostly useless flotsam and jetsam of 21st century consumerist ideologies? To cease in our claims that forty thousand more wind turbines need to be erected on what remains of our green and pleasant land in order to further fortify our unchallenged materialistic dependencies? No, the need of the hour is not to ensure that our 'greened' fridges still function, but that we are able to lighten up sufficiently so as to be able to make the pleasurable descent into that place where maybe no fridges are actually needed.

And where, pray, might that be? I hear someone say.

Beyond 'the straight road of progress' lies what the British poet William Blake's called the 'crooked road of genius'. Here lies the world of quantum: a place where sub atomic particles dance, swim and oscillate and where the observer and the observed lose their distinction, their separateness. Getting us out of the rut of 20th and 21st century specialisation, speculation and separation and getting us into a quantum, connected, holistic state of being – that seems to be the right wave to catch as we approach this new tipping point. Separateness is a lie .. a great delusion, illusion, destroyer and war monger; the splitter of the atom of unity. Faced by quantum reality, separateness quite miraculously fades away, revealing a cohesive state to be in operation amongst all the component parts of nature, all peoples and all species. For that is the true state of existence. Is or was anything actually ever 'separate' in this universe?

So, as we continue to pass through the vortex of the condensing universal hour glass, all the hard bits that deny fluidity and oneness, must fall away. Fall away. All the rigidity, in the form of hierarchical political institutions, pyramidal banking systems, stagnant educational concepts, military might, religious dogma and monocultural thought – all these and more are now coming face to face with their own mortality and fallibility.

Obese hierarchical institutions are already beginning to implode in on themselves, causing much turbulence and upheavel here on earth, as they try desperately to cling onto their decaying pedestals of power. But all such misdirected energies, when confronted by unswerving and uncompromising insistence on truth, are destined to be returned to the great cosmic energy pool from where they once emerged. There to be recycled and transformed; the old hard dark bits dissolved, cleansed and healed, riven through with light again and re imbued with universal love ; readied for their return.

That is the sort of thing which is happening at the quantum level – but its not what one hears or sees on the BBC.

As I understand it, only that which is etched in pure thought; only that which has, boldly or humbly expressed and fought for truth and simplicity, only such as these can pass through into the quantum universe to come. This, as the solar system of which we are an inseparable component, passes through the central galactic plain of the greater Universe which is itself only a microcosm of ever greater universes beyond .. beyond .. beyond.

So let's pass through, dear humanity. Pass on through. Pass on through .. and emerge out of the grey mists of the three dimensional prison in which we are still held captive. Let's be freed to move onwards in our spiralling life journeys. Journeys that put more and more distance between our higher aspirations and that which tries to forever enslave us in the tentacles of its Orwellian propaganda.

Can we unite all the disparate parts and know this world as One?

Of course we can. Even if much of the human race cannot see it this way; preoccupied as so many of us are with making 'progress' along the concrete autobahn that stretches ever onwards towards the chimeric treasure trove of our power hungry, profit driven 'civilisation'.

Ah, but this road is cracking and this civilisation is dying, and as more and more fissures appear in the tarmac so ever more determined efforts are being made to cover them over again and to try and prevent us noticing. All subtlety, mystery and symmetry has already been betrayed and buried under an addiction to that which is called 'progress'. Even the vast overflowing rubbish tips of our super stupid supermarket culture fail to put a brake on the pernicious promotion of 'economic progress'.

But even now, hacked, vandalised and discarded as it is, our planet earth still resonates. Still shines in the eyes of those who remain intimate with her soils, her stones, her trees, rivers and seas. Still gives uplift to the gulls that wheel majestically out over her heaving oceans. Still spins and weaves the circadian rhythms of the seasons.

“Here, now, I am” is her timeless message to any who can or want to hear.

“Here, now, are we” comes echoing back the response of those of us who care.

While through the valley in between, bent low in the saddle and riding hard, the four horsemen of the apocalypse make their long and arid exit.

How necessary was their intervention to the evolution of homo sapiens?

I do not know. But I do see that that which is wrought in darkness stands face to face and shoulder to shoulder with that which is carved in light, and that the multifarious expressions of Nature reflect this great duality. The fierce and the tender are everywhere reflected in the dynamic yin and yang of existence. And we who are part of this nature, do we not also embody these enduring traits?

We cannot completely efface the darkness from our souls, it is needed that we might better rejoice in light. We cannot efface the light, for without it we would have no comprehension of anything other than darkness. But we can try to balance on the shimmering tightrope which binds this duality, which beckons the light and the dark to come unto it. We can strive for this state of balance: that which rises up in joy between the forces of attraction and repulsion.

That is a worthy task for us humans to perform in this life - but is it to be found it in any university curriculum?

We, who are the sons and daughters, grandsons and grand daughters of the wealth and empire builders. We who see our materialistic options fading fast amongst the detritus of convenience and excess, are coming face to face with a bigger destiny. A destiny which goes beyond the mundane, shopping malls and supermarkets of modernity. We are becoming naked as the excesses are seen for what they are. Stripped of all old props and hiding places, we are being offered the chance to become human. The best chance perhaps.

Many of those battered into submission so that Western civilisation, in decades past and still today, might gain its wealth from foreign soils, somehow manage to remain more human than most of us. We who are the offspring and apologists of the empire builders and native Indian tribes of the Americas, have a special task. To kindle that spark of humanity in ourselves which still resonates in the tribes and communities of those we once tossed aside or enslaved so as to rule this kingdom of earth uninterrupted by mundane concerns.

For is it not in the grained hands and lined faces of those bent on survival that, so often, is to be found the truest smile, the biggest heart and the most honest soul? Here maybe is a clue, lost or obscured from view by our intellectual conceits. Fostered as we are by years of culturally self satisfied state controlled and private schooling .. how are we to recognise that the key to something altogether richer and more profound just might lie in the hands of the simple unsullied peasant or in the innocent gaze of a newborn child?

In the childhood of life, before the spark of genius is so recklessly damped down to conform to the agenda of the culturally conditioned masses, nothing seems impossible. Nothing should stand in the way of the nurturing and growth of that little spark of genius, burning so bright and offering spontaneous gifts of insightful perception for no one in particular and for no particular reason. But too many preoccupied elders have not responded. Perhaps out of fear? Preferring instead to express mild amusement or even disdain when challenged by an all together other quantum of thought; one that just might redeem our collective joy, if allowed to flourish and ultimately to lead, unimpeded by the incumberances of civilisation.

And so it is that 'civilised' man has betrayed himself. Snuffing out the little candle of genius for fear that it might upset and subvert the blessed status quo behind whose pillars we still try to hide away. Is fear really to be the lynch pin of this crumbling civilisation? Or can we come through .. and support the flowering of that deeper level of humanity which is as yet unrealised? To allow such to unfold and grow, so that we may finally overcome the beast of our demise and gain a whole new perspective on the reason why we came here in the first place.

As the time lines of history whirl into the one tightening vortex, past and future begin to lose their boundaries and we our earthly baggage. But if we should venture to the 'left luggage' to try to retrieve it, we might perhaps find there a little vessel called 'our soul' with a note on it saying “at your disposal”. Laid bare and at our disposal, to guide us through the gathering storm and to give us the courage to stand firm for truth all along the wind swept way.

Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the 'International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside' which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of "Changing Course for Life - Local Solutions to Global Problems"
Source: activistpost
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  1. ...We see many patiently awaiting promised changes and many others who have chosen to move into doubt and despair. Try not to allow messages in and of the old energy to keep you from your center, for much of it functions as a tool to keep you in bondage to what is now finishing. Many (not all) in power or hoping for it, hold desperately to what little power is left in obsolete concepts and beliefs, for it is what will keep the status quo, allowing them to function while keeping you tied to the past. It is good to contemplate this when considering your upcoming elections.

    When thoughts of discouragement come to you, always remember that they are not yours-- they are impersonal. How could negativity flow from the Heart of the Divine which is what you truly are. Third dimensional thoughts and beliefs are simply energy waiting to be claimed by a receptive state of consciousness. Concepts accepted by the unenlightened mind manifest outwardly and are accepted then as reality.

    You are learning that a consciousness filled with beliefs of duality and separation manifests as the so called evils of the world, for you are creators. Until an individual awakens, this is done ignorantly without conscious awareness. Mankind has been happily asleep and ignorantly creating good and bad for eons. There is to be no blame or guilt for the many lifetimes including this one, lived in ignorance because these experiences were necessary steps in your evolution.

    This is why it is called awakening, you are awakening out of your created illusions into the Light of truth. It is not the world that is illusion, rather it is your concept of the world that is the illusion. You chose to awaken through the experiences of third dimensional energy and now you are graduating--learning the truth of who and what you really are. This is huge dear ones, and you can be very proud of yourselves for it has been a long and difficult journey. This is why so many are excitedly observing your process now, it is a great and wonderful occurrence and many are rejoicing with you.

    You are learning that many things you believed to be true, never were and are beginning to understand that as creators, you can change yourselves and your world. This is what is meant by taking your power back and this is what is going on right now. You are seeing results in many places where the consciousness of the people is allowing in more Light. This in turn is exposing all that is not of the light including those individuals working to keep it away. The process cannot be slowed dear ones, for mankind and the dear soul Gaia, are changing, evolving, graduating. It was never meant that mankind remain in darkness forever, it was simply your learning path, and you have done it.

    Be aware that much is soon to transpire that will shock you. Revelations about the actions of many you believed to be leaders. Try to understand that they have lived out from a state of tremendous ignorance, allowing the pulls of power to take precedence over their life plan and are now being called to answer for it. All is proceeding according to plan...>>