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2012 Vibrational Transition

There is no doomsday. There is an astral transformation on Dec 22 at 1:48pm Sofia’s time.

In the process of the planetary creation, La’Erta- the Planetary Spirit created our Earth as a live and rational planet, having mental, astral and physical bodies. The Earth, as every other creation of the planetary Spirit, aims for evolution, which consists of raising the vibration of the physical and astral body of our planet. The vibration level of the astral body of the Earth determines the state of the world in which we live.

The higher the level, the residents as a dominant race on the planet, have more ways and opportunities for spiritual evolution. At the same time, we must find ourselves in complete harmony with the vibration of the Earth, as optimal conditions for our lives occur at times when the level of vibration of the planet corresponds to the vibration of our astral bodies. Change of the vibrational level occurs incrementally. The time at which this level changes is called the vibrational transition of the Earth. The planetary Spirit La’Erta sets the time of each successive vibrational transition, depending on the level of spiritual development of the civilization living on the Earth. As a rule, the date of the next vibration transition roughly coincides with the beginning of a new planetary era. This cyclical process is repeated approximately once every 2,000 years.

Depending on the current situation, La’Erta selects the level of the vibrational transition. We can talk about three types of vibrational transition:

1. Nominal, when changes are minor and actually not felt by the majority of rational beings;
2. Small, when changes significantly affect the development of civilization;
3. Great, which occurs extremely rarely and modify from scratch the existing world within 100 to 200 years;

Besides their strength, vibrational transitions also differ in their direction. Each transition can cause advancement or decline, depending on how successfully it was carried out. Successful implementation of the vibrational transition is an important mission of the Guardians of Knowledge living in physical bodies in this time period. This is an era of great spiritual teachers and even greater change. In the history of human civilization the Great Vibrational Transition
happened only once – 4008 BC year, which served as an incredible boost to the development of societies in different parts of the world simultaneously. This ancient era signaled the rise of the Five Great Cultures: Tibetan, Greek, Sumerian, Mayan and the Danube. Not coincidentally, various ancient histories and religions call 4008 BC year, the “date of creation of the world.”

We are fortunate to live in the era of the second Great Vibration Transition that will take place on December 22, 2012. There are spectacular changes forthcoming in our world, and it is up to us, which direction these changes will take. Ahead of us is an opportunity to build a new, more advanced civilization, having a completely different spiritual consciousness. If our society does not deal with the change appropriately, this could lead to devolution, wars, dictatorships, destruction of spiritual values ie a “dark” period in history, in which humanity would attempt mere survival, not reaching a truly full and harmonious development.

We can say now that you and I live on the edge of two civilizations: the fifth and the sixth races. These two races have different values and principles of community development, different approaches to medicine, pedagogy, attitude towards life, technical progress and spirituality. In the fifth race technocratic civilization, financial manipulations, total control, the illusion of safety, artificial needs and corporate templates are more important than personal freedoms, personal development, positive thinking, harmonious and healthy family life. Life of modern man more and more resembles the life at a broiler chicken farm: life is subject to false values from birth to death and there is no room for freedom and the true purpose of man – the evolution of the soul. People dissipate their energy for survival in a world from which they are totally dependent and do not have time to deal with the real purpose of their physical existance.

The new sixth race civilization has a totally different system of values. Technology in their life plays an important role, but their goal is to help spiritual evolution of people, and not to manipulate them. In the new culture, the values of each individual are important, and freedom of choice is the basis for social relationships. Medicine will devote more attention to a healthy lifestyle and prevention, rather than pharmaceutical business, which is attempting to address implications of an unhealthy lifestile. Pedagogy is dedicated to the development of various personal qualities and habits of children, rather than creating average standards. We’ll talk more about this in the “Purple Book Quenta La’Ertha”, but now we’ll concentrate on the upcoming Great Vibrational Transition.

Representatives of the fifth race, have a very low vibration of their astral bodies, and to reach new levels and new opportunities, they need to undergo an evolutionary process of astral transformation. And this requires an understanding of the principles of spiritual evolution and the desire to change their habits and lifestyle, which is at this time complicated for most of the people. At the time of the Great Vibrational Transition, in December of 2012, the Earth will raise the vibration of its astral body. Earth’s astral vibrations is now appropriate to the level of astral vibrations of the fifth race, and after the transition, the Earth will reach the level of the sixth race.

Now, when their level of vibration corresponds to the vibration of the Earth, people “in their world” feel relatively comfortable. After the “evolutionary leap” in the world, they will lag behind the world after the Vibrational Transition. This could give some people a sense of “invasion of privacy”, loss of control over their lives and inner disharmony. You could say that if we now live on a known planet of people, after the vibrational transition, we will end up in the world of the New Generation. Evolutionary leap in the world to stimulate the development of civilization gives us unique opportunities but also, its dangers with which most of the people will meet in the first year after the implementation of the vibrational transition. The only way in this situation is to build your life and the life of society based on evolutionary principles of the new world in harmony with our planet.

Translated from text by Sathya Eo’Than, the head of the Guardians of Knowledge.

At the Tibetan Academy we enable transformations of our students.

The vibrational transition will happen simultaneously all over the planet on Saturday, December 22, 2012:

Canada/Eastern: 6:48am
Africa/Accra: 11:48am
Europe/Sofia: 1:48pm
Asia/Katmandu: 5:33pm

Source: world-mysteries

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