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12/21/12: nowAWAKEnow!

Now is the time of Awakening! Now is the time to answer the call of the Universe:

“Wake up my beloved human child, and remember who you are!”

We have been feeling the pull and powerful influence of the December Winter Solstice, 12/21/12, for a very long time now. For me the date became legend 25 years ago in 1987, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence.

Countless books, YouTube videos, blogs, movies, history channel shows, etc., (focused on this date as the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar) have created a fervor in the mass consciousness concerning everything from a shift in consciousness (Ascension) to doomsday prophecies (Apocalypse).

The buzz about this day has inspired much inner work on the personal and planetary level. And no matter what happens or doesn’t happen on 12/21/12, no one can argue that it hasn’t stirred us to look deeply into our lives, our connection to this beautiful planet Earth, and to the Cosmos. Look within you, look around you, and notice this – we are waking up!

This date in linear time serves as a wakeup call to surrender ego identity into service of Divine identity. The specific date was set to give humanity a goal to work towards, like freshmen in high school knowing if they study well and work hard, in four years they will graduate and enter a whole new world of possibilities, and December 12, 2012, is our graduation date.

For lifetimes, we have taken courses in:

Ego 101 – Ego 202 – Detaching From Drama – Releasing the Baggage of the Ego – Co-Creating With the Law of Attraction – From Victim Identity to Creator Identity – Becoming a Universal Human- Letting Go of Fear – The Right Use of Power – Activating the High Heart – Loving Our Mother the Earth – Loving Self & Others – Shifting from Judgement to Forgiveness, and the list goes on and on…..

All of these courses are designed to allow us full exploration and expression in duality consciousness, evolving into exploration and expression in unity consciousness. The dramas and stories of our lives centered around the neediness of the ego with its limiting belief in separation and have brought us to our knees in surrender to our divinity or Oneness with All That Is.

12/21/12 is NOT Judgment Day. It is Graduation Day, the day coded for activation to ascend to higher levels of awakeness. In the midst of exploring some of the courses mentioned above, you are assured to move forward, because the seed was planted long ago for all eyes to be focused on this date, anticipating the Shift. Since energy follows thought, all we need do is intend and imagine the highest vision, show up in the Now moment, and be detached from the outcome, free of fear and free of judgment.
Ascension is defined – raise, climb, soar

Apocalypse is defined – to reveal, uncover

As we uncover and reveal that which has always been

the truth of who we really are,

“spiritual beings having a human experience”,

we climb and soar to new heights or dimensions of existence in this wondrous Universe!
To further this process, please work with the following meditation on the NOW. I encourage you to read and practice this everyday of this month and beyond, for the more of us who are here & now, the more momentum we create within the quantum field for the highest good of all!


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Focus on the breath.
Breathe in……………
Breathe out…………

With each in breath,
focus on LOVE in the heart.
With each out breath,
focus on releasing fear, worry and tension…..
Breathe PEACE into the heart……
Letting Go on the out breath…….

Continue to keep your awareness in the Heart….
The Heart is the sanctuary within.
Imagine and feel your Heart is a sponge soaking up
the highest Love vibrations in the universe!

Using the graphic above, notice how ALL flows
in and out of the heart.
The energy grids connect you to the WHOLE,
and the flow is focused through your Heart.
Feel this connection with each breath…..in……out….in……out.

Take a moment to acknowledge
you are grounded to the Earth.
Imagine a cord of energy extends down
from the base of your spine into the core of the Earth
You draw sustenance and support and Love from the Earth.

Now be aware of the crown chakra, as it opens to the energies from the Divine.
The Earth energy, the Divine energy meet
in the sanctuary of your Heart.
You are grounded to Earth and aligned with the Divine,
and ALL energies balance in the in/out flow within the Heart.
Feel the Love, Peace, Joy, Homecoming within!

Release the hold of duality consciousness,
and allow yourself to expand into the Oneness.
Breathing in……breathing out…….knowing yourSelf as ONE with All That Is.

Breathing in….out…
Step into the portal of the NOW moment…


This moment is never-ending, it’s eternal.
Breathe with the feeling of eternity/infinity
that exists in this moment.

Each moment becomes the next moment,
and your energetic awareness tracks
each . and . every . now . now . now…
The infinite NOW is omnipresent.
present . everywhere . all at once.
Free from time and space…….

In this freedom exists an awareness
that is infinitely wise and all loving.
It is the I AM Presence.
Rest in this wisdom-love……
Be still….
This is who you are in Truth…
Nothing to do….
Just BE NOW….

Stay HERE in Love and Oneness…

Stay here NOW, in this moment being One,
for as long as you wish.

And when you are ready, bring your awareness
gently back to the body,wiggling toes and fingers,
knowing that when you open your eyes,
yourSelf, One with All,
is embodied in each cell and energy particle of your body/energy field!

With gratitude and joy
open your eyes and behold the world
as an en-Lightened Being,
seeing through the eyes of the I AM Presence.

“Go forth with a Spirit
of enthusiasm, excitement, and expectancy.
Be at Peace”

About the Author

Susannah Furr, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Intuitive Consultant, Reiki Master, Agent & Guide of Conscious Evolution, and Co-Creator of the Web of Creation Workshop. Her current base camp is in Northern Mississippi, and she travels the world teaching the Web of Creation to further the process of Conscious Evolution. www.nowawakenow.com
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