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The Creepy Reptilian Conspiracy Theory

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One of the most bizarre conspiracy theories has to be the one that suggests a race of reptilian-like race of humanoids are taking over the planet.

People who believe this theory also think some of the reptilians include world leaders like George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II, and celebrities like Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie.

TruTV checked the evidence to see if the conspiracy is more than just a theory.

In the season premiere episode of Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, the team investigates a harrowing story of full-body transformation, politicians hellbent on world domination and lizard people who may be among us.

Here's the full story behind this bizarre conspiracy theory. Is it the terrifying truth or silly hogwash?

Angkor Wat

Like the pyramids, the famous temple of in the jungles of Cambodia was built by early reptilian settlers as a communication channel to the stars. Some believe that these ancient centers may also have been where selective interbreeding took place between reptilians, recreated here from an eyewitness account, and human victims.

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The Royal Family

In the 5th century A.D., the Reptilians took advantage of the collapse of the Roman Empire to establish the Merovingian dynasty, a line of kings that first produced Charlemagne and eventually the rest of European Royalty. The reason the Royals continue to interbreed is because the reptilians don't want to dilute their genetic makeup with more human genes.

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Evidence Of Reptilians

Some pinpoint the arrival of reptilians on earth to 10,000 years ago. When they arrived, so the story goes, they built the pyramids at Giza in the exact formation of the constellation Leo. This arrangement might have been some kind of interstellar communication device that fell out of use when the Earth's axis tilted slightly away from Leo and toward Taurus.

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What The Experts Fear

Why are governments spending billions on a space station when unemployment is high and the economy is in tatters? Because the reptilian leaders of worldwide governments are preparing to return to their home planet and need to create an advance base out of the eyes of normal human beings.

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Missing Children?

During the Middle Ages, the reptilians were also stealing children. In those days, however, they deflected blame away from themselves by creating the anti-Semitic myth of blood libel — the rumor that Jews needed the blood of Christians babies to bake their matzo. For centuries, the reptilians have been responsibility for the violence persecution of the Jews. Some conspiracy theorists believe that, to this day, reptilians steal children to perform bloody rituals.

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Breeding Between Aliens And Humans

It's not a coincidence that it was a reptile that brought Adam and Eve's downfall. Some believe that the story of the Garden of Eden is actually a story about how the reptilians came to Earth, tricked primitive human beings, and claimed all of Earth's bounty for themselves.

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The Reptilians Want To Enslave Us

The reptilians' obsession with keeping their bloodline pure resulted in an obsession with genetics. The money thrown at the human genome project came from secret reptilian backers. Their purported plan is to understand the human genome so that it can be manipulated to create reptilian slaves that will drive out the human race.

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Jennie Gosbell aka Susan Reed Found Dead

Gosbell, who wrote an expose about the Reptilian race under the alias "Susan Reed," was found dead in her swimming pool in the Bahamas. But what caused her to drown? No one can say with certainty. A posting on RINF News (which follows Reptilian stories) noted that it doesn't matter what the coroner says: "The death would be ruled suicide if psychotronic maser [sic] weapons were used and there would be no evidence of murder."

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Psychics Freak Out Over Reptilians

This woman and her friend, who claims to be a Reptilian shape-shifter, act like they can communicate with other lizard people. But we remain unconvinced.

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The Secret Army Base

Jesse Ventura's team found what their contacts claim is a clandestine military facility in the desert, which the Reptilians will use as a launching point for a world takeover. But without solid evidence, all of this is just one big theory.

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Do Reptilians Control The Presidency?

Why should a democracy have an almost king-like figure ruling at its head? When the U.S. became the first democracy in the 1780s, the reptilians helped to draft a government in which a significant amount of power is vested in one man — or, in this case, reptilian. That way the reptilian rulers were still able to control most of the power in the new nation.

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David Icke Believes

Icke has written: "The reptilian and other entities, which are manipulating our world by possessing 'human' bodies, operate in frequencies between the Third and Fourth densities. These are referred to as 'hidden spaces and planes unknown to man.'" Should we believe him?

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Source: TRUtv
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