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LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL - An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptilians


A pair of rather short (about 5′ tall at most) Reptilians with pale cream-yellow colored scales abducted me in Oporto, Portugal in November of 1974. Several tactics used in this abduction were what I have come to realize, with the benefit of decades worth of hindsight, to be hallmarks of the Reptilian manipulation and capture methodology.

I suppose that a person sufficiently educated and experienced regarding these stratagems and maneuvers might be somewhat more at an advanantage in evading entrapment by these scaly beings. But considering the extremely strong psychic energy and, I believe, technological advantages applied in the subterfuge, Reptilians as opportunistic ‘predators’ have a decided advantage over humans.

The following gives an overview of the tactics and methods typically used in abducting humans. Note: in my abduction event in Porto four out of five of these techniques were used, with the orb being the only one not in evidence. Also it should probably be said that all of these methods have been employed to some extent by several other ‘alien’ types that I have encountered; they are not exclusive to Reptilians.

The headache trick does seem, however, to be a favorite of the Reptilians. The only other time I recall seeing this used by another type of being was when I was traveling through Germany with a friend. In this case a pair of sex-craved multidimensional quasi-beings got my friend out of the way in a hurry by simply giving him a sudden onset headache. But that’s another story. . .


1. Generation of a ‘high strangeness’ field that can be either focused locally or used to suffuse a larger environmental target.

A ‘high strangeness’ field as it is considered here relates to the modification of a dense physical environment causing it to shift from a mundane landscape — what I refer to as the terrestrial ‘hardscape’ — into an energetically excited state where space and time (kindrids of a sort) become significantly more fluid, multi-dimensionally porous and susceptible to manipulation.

In this hyper-environmental landscape physical features and events can be advantageously explored and exploited by the consciousness source who/which has the resources responsible for generating the field. Some of the characteristics of a stage managed hyper-environment include an unusual quiet and stillness in the vicinity, heightened intensity of color and detail of the features of the location and oddly empty streets or houses causing disorientation and a sense of being lost.

I have experienced occasions where I was situated in a high strangeness environment caused not only by Reptilians but also the dwarf Blues, sanguinary vampires (including ‘Shape Shifters’) and decidedly demonic Shadow Beings. In my experiences of being engulfed in a high strangeness field I was at a complete disadvantage and as a result extremely vulnerable to exploitation in one manner or another, for better or worse depending on your point of view, I suppose.

2. Orbs of bright light, commonly of a orange color.

Orbs, or glowing spheres of different colors, were a feature in several of my encounters with Reptilians. (See here for a partial discussion of this.) These orbs are not by any means limited to use by the Reptilians. Based on what I have witnessed and personally been through over a span of some forty-plus years they are a standard vehicle utilized by a wide range of beings and entities who have commerce with the fauna, including of course humans, living on the terrestrial hardscape.

It seems, based on what I've been able to determine from my various experiences, that these energetic orbs facilitate a translation back and forth between a physical form and, for lack of better terms, an etherial composition. If it can be summarized, I think that orbs are a means by which consciousness can be concentrated and positioned as desired or needed. In many cases the orbs as seen from outside were either a pearly-white color or, as in a NDE I went through in Germany, the orb was perfectly clear with an astonishing crystal city inside of it. In the case of Reptilians who were instigating malicious abduction events I've had situations where a blinding, bright orange orb was positioned directly in front of me, coinciding with the extremely loud siren sound and headache techniques discussed as follows.

3. Psychically, psychotronically or purely technologically generated energy causing disabling headaches.

There have been occasions in the lead-up to an abduction event when I experienced the sudden onset of a debilitating headache. Given that this pain was often associated with other intrusive paranormal activity taking place simultaneously it is evident to me that this was one of the applications in the Reptilian 'toolbox' used to disorient and weaken the targeted victim, making it much easier to carry out surreptitious, intrusive activity. I don't know for sure if this generation of pain was caused by psychic means or by using technological devices, such as the standard stun gun backpack worn by not only the Reptilians but also the Grays.

My speculation is that a combination of technology and psychic abilities might have been in play, where the back pack houses an amplifier and the wand directs the user's psychic energy to an intended target. In the case of the two Reptilians I encountered in Portugal, they zapped me with something and I strongly suspect that the shock causing me first to drop in a dead faint and then cause my body to become paralyzed even after I regained consciousness came from their backpack device.

4. Psychically, psychotronically or technologically generated extremely loud sounds that seem to originate from inside one's head.

Another technique used not just by the Reptilians but also the Blues (both the dwarf variety and the more human-dimensioned ones) was to generate a screaming siren or sustained electrical screech sound that seemed to come out of nowhere. In retrospect I think that this extremely disturbing and painful noise was the result of external stimulation applied to of my sense of hearing, similar to the way I suspect the instant headaches were manufactured.

Possibly the transmission and reception involved here was linked to any one of the number of implants that had been shoved up my left nostril during my life. Again, the objective here clearly seems to relate to causing severe destabilization and weakening of the targeted human which in combination with the other standard 'tricks of the trade' help to insure that the abduction is carried out with a minimum of risk to the perpetrators.

5. A psychically, psychotronically or technologically generated tractor force used to pull the targeted individual towards the abductor.

This is a common element used in many of the abductions that I have experienced. I would differentiate this technique from the use of telepathic suggestion because it involves a definite pulling force on one's physical body. The intensity of this force is variable, ranging from the effect of being gently tugged forward by what seems like invisible elastic cords to a full blown process of literally being physically dragged along the floor. The latter is a horrible experience that I have endured while simultaneously having had my body turned into a ridged statue-like object.

6. Use of a wand or ‘gun’ attached to a small backpack to immobilize or even cause the victim to lose consciousness.

Already discussed to some extent in the above examples; based on what I have observed this equipment is standard issue equipment for the Grays, Reptilians and others, including what I call the fake humans who in my estimation are androids. I have provided some other information about this type of device here. If I may be allowed to offer an assessment at this point (hey, it’s my web page) I would say based on what I’ve personally seen and experienced over a span of many years that we as humans seriously need to come to grips with the fact that many if not all of the so-called ‘aliens’ who have conducted complex, clandestine programs involving untold generations of humans have relied heavily on technological advantage in order to carry out their activities. This includes the so-called ‘Light Beings’, who are very slick in projecting a beguiling image but always seem to fall short on delivery. I’ll talk about that topic later.


In November of 1974 I travelled to Portugal with a friend and made the trip from Lisbon to visit Oporto in the north part of the country. This adventure took longer than expected due to the agonizingly slow speed of the rickety old train and the numerous stops it made along the way. Obviously nobody was in a big hurry in Portugal, at least as far as I could tell. My expectation was that we would have arrived early enough in the day to visit a bank and cash some Traveler’s Checks.

By the time we finally got into town it was late in the day, a Friday, and the banks were closed leaving us with only a small amount of Escudos to squeak through the weekend. This put us in a bind, particularly regarding finding a place to stay for the night. My strategy was to pick out the most expensive looking hotel and hope that I could pay the bill with a Travelers’s Check on checkout. This plan actually did work out satisfactorily but not without some friction. When the manager complained I simply told him that he could either accept my check or not get paid. With the enticement of a generous tip the issue was quickly resolved.

Even though it was November the weather in Oporto was warm and sunny making it a perfect day for sight seeing. After walking about two miles to the Auto-Estrada do Norte bridge that crosses the Douro river we took in the view for a few minutes (just a bunch of water in my opinion) and then decided to split up to go on separate paths for the rest of the day. For some reason I had developed a headache and wanted to return to our hotel room to take some aspirin and lay down for a while.

After crossing the bridge my path back to the hotel followed the road next to the south side of the river. In my wanderings I somehow seem to have become lost and ended up in a poor residential part of town. There was an odd stillness to this neighborhood, made even more strange by the fact that nobody except me seemed to be there. Not a living soul was in sight and no cars traveled on the narrow road. Continuing to amble through this apparently deserted neighborhood I suddenly heard an extremely loud, high-pitched electrical sounding screeching.

My first thought about this was that maybe some teenagers were playing hideously loud electric guitar music nearby. But when I looked around for the source of the ear-piercing noise the location wasn't apparent. I pressed my hands over my ears but this didn't have any effect on blotting out the shriek. It seemed like the deafening noise was coming from inside my head.

Combined with my headache and the horrible noise I also felt an irritating compulsion to walk in a certain direction down the empty street. By this point I was experiencing increasing anxiety. Against my better judgement I couldn't help but to concede to the strange force that seemed to be pulling me along.

This led me to a tall wood plank gateway located at the end of the street. In a disoriented state I stood next to this door and felt like I should open it and go inside. The degree of raw fear I felt at this point was at a crisis level. In my mind I imagined that there was a German Shepherd dog with very large teeth just on the other side of this gate quietly waiting to attack me. I can't explain why, but my hand reached up to unlock the gate and I almost robotically pushed it open and walked through.

After I was inside the gateway the loud sound that was in my head stopped and the odd silence returned. There was nobody in sight and thankfully not a German Shepherd guard dog. Taking in the view of this location, I saw that I was in the courtyard of a rustic concrete building built into the surrounding steep hillside. A WWII vintage jeep and cargo truck were parked nearby. They looked like they had been recently painted a light gray color, without any signage or identification evident.

Suddenly I felt a sharp electrical shock on the back of my neck causing me to black out and fall to the ground. After some time, probably not long, I came to but was unable to speak or move my arms or legs. Stuck lying flat on my back looking straight up into the air, I desperately tried to find out what was happening.

At this point I had the general impression of two people near me, which was confirmed when my body was picked up by feet and shoulders and placed on what I later found out was an old warehouse cart. From here I was rolled across the courtyard, through a doorway and to the interior one of one of the storage bays of the concrete building.

Now inside this gloomy setting, still lying on my back, I was desperately trying to move my arms and legs but couldn't even wiggle my little finger. I was, however, able with an extreme effort to force some movement of my eyes to get a look at what has happening to me. I saw two creatures standing upright, about five feet tall, whose stocky bodies were covered with pale yellow iridescent scales.

They wore no clothing but had small back packs with a short rod attached by a cord. Apparently the slender rod had been used to shock me into paralysis. These creatures were working as a team, making indecipherable murmurs while they were setting up some equipment nearby. It looked like a really primitive arrangement, consisting of a few small black boxes with red lights and a few knobs.

Wires connected these to a larger box that in turn was hooked up to multiple sets of head gear. My captors seemed to be having difficulty in figuring out how to assemble the device. At one point their previous quiet murmurs escalated to angry, low pitched, snarls and growling and it appeared that a fight between the two was about to erupt.

I watched this process horrified that these bizarre creatures were going to torture me somehow or perform some kind of brutal experiment resulting in electrocution. Finally it seemed that the odd duo got the wiring figured out and one of the sets of head gear was latched painfully onto the dome of my head. The two lizard people put on their sets of head gear and after they played around with the knobs on the boxes for a while I began to have the sensation that hundreds of tiny ants in a group were methodically crawling around inside my body.

This added a whole new level of horror to my situation, and I was mentally begging for it to stop. After what seemed like an eternity -- probably about 10 minutes or less -- the process was terminated. I felt like my body had been violated somehow, almost like the two lizard men had entered into my nervous system and were traipsing around inside my brain in search of something they wanted. Whatever that might have been, I had no idea.

After removing the gear from my head the two odd creatures rolled my still paralyzed body back out to the courtyard. They tapped me a few times with their wand and after a few minutes I began to gradually regain muscle control. Pushing and prodding my body, they gave every indication of being in a big hurry to get rid of me. Obviously they had gotten what they wanted and at this point I was just a nuisance.

With some effort, I managed to stand upright and finally confronted my abductors eye to eye. Whatever fear I may have experienced earlier was now replaced with outrage. The short, scaly men made their strange murmuring sounds and pushed me with their hands towards the gate. Before making a run for it, I let out a furious sling of insults, letting my feelings be known with no uncertainly — assuming that lizard people can understand perfectly good English profanity.


As part of an afterword, I would like to say that one of the more perplexing, unanswered questions about this kind of abduction is, as Whitley Strieber once so eloquently asked, “Why me?” Was this just a situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and somehow caught up in the net of very inquisitive Reptilians? The odds of this are by my estimation extremely low. A dominant theme in my involvement with ‘aliens’ concerns my employment in sting operations to flush out and document intrusive activity of non-terrestrial beings.

In these cases I was given a briefing ahead of time by my handler, a Reptilian mercenary working for the Grays, of what was going down to make sure that the job went according to plan. This provided me an outline of what would take place and my role in the operation. It was as though the carefully choreographed abduction had already taken place and the only unfinished business was to enact it on the terrestrial game board. This strongly relates to the ability of the Grays to operate both inside and outside of multiple monolinear time strings allowing them an upper hand in dealing with terrestrial fauna which is on a selective basis strategically stationed on the surface of the planet like game pieces on the checker board of a multidimensional version of chess.

Usually I recall being debriefed by the Grays who either extracted my memory by staring into my eyes or in some cases by means of a spherical device hovering in mid air in front of my face that seemed to be alive and apparently had the same capability. In the follow-up to my abduction by the two Reptilians in Portugal I don’t remember any contact with either my handler or the Grays. But it might be considered that I was pretty messed up after this horrible experience and just plain wanted to forget about it and resume my European vacation.

Another topic that I think deserves some mention is the rather crude equipment the Reptilians in Portugal used to probe my mind and nervous system. Based on what I’ve seen, the Reptilians in general seem to be somewhat technology-adverse and actually show a penchant for historical settings, events and iconography.

This is in strong contrast to the Grays who have amazing hyper-technology at their disposal and seem to be completely dispassionate about human history. As I once commented somewhat whimsically, Reptilians are from the past, Grays are from the future. I’m not sure if this is completely true but it seems to be evidenced by the devices, attitudes (assuming that Grays are capable of having an attitude) and the general settings these two factions typically ensconce themselves in.


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