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Connecting with Your POWER

You can spend your entire life reading “spiritual” books and understanding the concept of “higher consciousness” intellectually, but all of that is totally pointless unless you are actually FEELING IT!

The mind is really the village idiot compared to consciousness and there is whole world of difference between THINKING something and FEELING something. When you place your hand in fire you don’t need the mind to think about whether it is hot, you just KNOW it is. Connecting with your true consciousness is exactly the same. You will be in no doubt whether you are connecting with your true consciousness, you will just KNOW that you are.

But we do need an understanding of exactly HOW to do this.

Activating the brain and nervous system is a key element and there are some incredibly simple, yet profoundly POWERFUL ways to do this, so that higher energies can flow into and through the body.
Would you believe me if I told you that connecting with higher levels of your consciousness was as simple as scratching your nose? Well, why don’t you suspend your disbelief for just a minute or two longer until you’ve done this for yourself.

If you’ve read “My Story” then you’ll know the incredible challenges I’ve had with my health since I experienced a nervous breakdown in 2006, shortly after a profound “spiritual awakening” took place in my life. I have tried many healing practices over the years, but one of the most powerful practices I’ve used to reclaim greater health and connect to higher levels of consciousness is the simple act of FEELING different parts of my brain, which literally activates the body and nervous system to a higher vibration and allows it to connect to higher energies.

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But again, I don’t want you to just intellectually consider what I’m saying here, I want to give you the TOOLS to do this for yourself, so you can FEEL the truth of this as you activate your own brain and nervous system.

When I first came across this method of body activation I was sceptical. I’d tried many different healing practices over the years, and sure I got some benefits from most of them, but nothing really mind blowing. So I didn’t expect too much when I first tried this simple method. But within a matter of minutes of trying this technique my mind began to gain clarity like I had never experienced before, I felt extremely “connected” to life and it was like “negative” thoughts were not allowed to come anywhere close to my awareness. I was blown away!

Now, this can take a little practice to really start feeling the benefits I’ve mentioned, but a little persistence is a small price to pay, is it not? And you may well experience this shift within minutes the first time you do it anyway (I certainly did).

Let me introduce you to the person I learnt this technique from: This is Rama

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Rama is a “Spiritual Counselor” and he has devoted his life to healing himself, the planet and other people. He has also spoken of his connection to the Pleiadians (which doesn’t surprise me at all).

Below is a presentation by Rama where he explains how this brain and nervous system activation works and walks you through how to do it (and it is incredibly simple). As a side note; don’t let the poor quality of the video or the bored looks from some of the audience members distract you from the immense value of this information.

It is the crown chakra activation (spoken about from part 2 onwards) which I have used consistently to re-connect to higher levels of awareness and gain greater clarity in my thinking. But the Pineal Gland (Third Eye) activation is also a very powerful technique which I have used alongside the crown chakra activation.

I recommend you follow along with Rama as he guides you through the feeling techniques and then use them as often as you can throughout each day. This is really the beauty of this technique; you can do it anytime and anywhere, and the more you do it the quicker your brain and body will adopt this connection as a habbit and you will find yourself doing it without really thinking about it.

Rama’s presentation is approx 1 hour…


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