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Earth Changes Gone Mad and The Third Alternative: Reader Responses

By Rob Daven
To say this weekend was “intense” is an understatement. Here at Conspiracy HQ we smashed our traffic records (by double!) and it seems my assumption that the sun has somehow managed to become hotter has really struck a cord with people.

I received e-mail from around the globe, from old and young and heard a resounding “Yes! These things ARE happening”.

Of course, we managed to have a group of ney-sayers as well, but not one had offered any evidence.

With Age Comes Wisdom

Out of all the comments I received, the ones I felt were the most important where from those who are in the later part of their lives. I found this email in particular to be very representative of the email I received from the older generation:
Funny your thoughts on the sun because they coincide with mine. I am 64 years old, spent a lot of time playing in the sun outdoors when I was a child and all through my teenage years. I have remarked to many people that the sun is brighter and not what I remember the sun being as a child growing up in the 50′s. I live in Middle TN and sunrise is no longer beautiful but blinding; the sun is completely different and has changed even more in the course of the past ten years.
When I am driving to the east in the mornings, I am overwhelmed by the sun while even wearing sun glasses and pulling the visor down on the car. I completely agree with your theory and pray we are both wrong.
From Melanie
I also received this one from someone known only as “Professor” and using a fake email address which makes me think this person was most likely very well educated but private (as are most professionals).
I am 63 yrs old and have lived in many different places in the world, Europe, Asia, & N. America. As a child and young man I recall that the sun was at that time yellow. Since then and perhaps for the last thirty or so years the sun has been changing until it is now nearly all white. This indicates to me that the radiation spectrum emissions have gradually changed toward the ultraviolet and higher frequencies.Personally I believe that the solar system has gradually entered a new type of space and that this is effecting our sun in unknown ways. The sun is likely the fulcrum point of many of our ongoing earth bound climatological issues. Unfortunately this does not bode well for our continued existence as currently experienced.
From The Professor
There were others as well, with around a dozen people in their 60′s contacting me, each thanking me for coming forward with this. I must say, it was not an easy thing to do as I’ve been slammed since doing so.

Regarding Tim Brinton
I opened my email this morning with a nice surprise. The son of the presenter of “Alternative 3″, Tim Brinton, had contacted me to tell me first hand what his father had thought about the film prior to his death 3 years ago.

My father, now passed on three years, was Tim Brinton, the presenter on Alternative 3. I am pleased to say I took the opportunity to discuss with him the reasoning behind the film. You can learn alot of extra background info by buying the DVD available from all good outlets.

Dad was quite clear that his main motivation for accepting this role was for him twofold. a) to make a film that would have a similar effect on the masses as The war of the worlds did when first broadcast on radio in the USA. And b) To attempt to show the public that film or television is capable of conveying any impression the makers want, it does not tell the truth well precisely because it is so malleable.

Both these points have been almost destroyed in the rush to point fingers whilst screaming conspiracy. The global warming scenario was arrived at , so i understand after reading The Brandt report on global catastrophes put together by the recently retired leader of then West Germany in about 1970.( this is well worth a read in it’s own right and predicted a number of things we would be familiar with today.)

However he did not write conceive or make the film, he was lucky enough to be chosen as the presenter, and when completed moved on to the next job, sometime later becoming a member of parliament at Westminster.

A few years before he died he was made aware of the Internet second life the film had acquired. Rightly he was very pleased that a piece of his work had legs so to speak.

Any artist knows he has no control over his work once it enters the public imagination, as to the conspircy theories,he was dismissive of the accusation that the entire team had been duped into making it, and that it contained the truth in any way, yet as he said to me if an idea is out there, and it is in the minds of the few who made this, it is probably in the minds of others as well, A meme in other words.

That meme deserves further attention. Capricorn one was another aspect of this. I am not saying that conspiracy does not exist , just at the time this was made that was not the intention.
From Howard Brinton (Son of Tim Brinton)
I want to publicly thank Howard for contacting me with this information. Here at Conspiracy HQ our method is to uncover the truth, not just make up sensationalist news headlines in order to gain hits (something our competing websites are more than happy to do).

Thus when Howard contacted me, I felt it important to relay that information on to you, our valued readers.

The Strange Tale of the Alternative 3 Casebook

The following was forwarded to me regarding an column in an unknown newspaper written by Leslie Watkins who was responsible for the book version of Alternative 3.
Angry protests about my “irresponsible scare-mongering” started torrenting in after the publication of my book, Alternative 3. So did an even greater number of messages praising me for exposing a nightmare conspiracy involving the governments of America and Britain.

Both reactions astonished me. I’d written a work of fiction, yet vast numbers of readers were insistent it was fact. ”Insistent” is the right word. I was denounced as a coward and a liar when I explained that I’d dreamed up the controversial scenario. Many readers were terrified – now convinced, for instance, that missing friends had been snatched to be zombie slaves on Mars – and their responses mirrored those of a man who phoned me from Manchester England: “When you wrote A3, you told the truth, but now you’re terrified to admit that truth – because you’ve been warned off by the CIA”

A3′s basic premise is that our planet is doomed and America and Russia, having secretly co-operated for decades, have colonised Mars with selected superior humans. That, I thought, was too way-out for anyone to believe. I was totally wrong.

Respected American researcher Mae Brussell told her weekly radio audience she’d “had the shakes for about a week” after reading A3 which she described as “the most important book I’ve ever read in many, many years”.

Renowned investigator Jim Keith suggested in his follow-up book, Casebook on Alternative 3, that I might have written it on behalf of the government (presumably of the USA) as “grey” disinformation, calculated to confuse and defuse the issue of elitist control, mind control, genocide and secret space programs, by revealing yet concealing these truths”.

Could Keith be partly right? Was I, unwittingly, helping to blur the truth about some mind boggling conspiracy? That, I now feel, is a distinct possibility. The deluge of seemingly confirmatory evidence from intelligent people convinced me I had accidentally trespassed into a range of top-secret truths. I planned to use this material in a book called “Backlash to Alternative 3″.

However, a chest containing that material was mysteriously lost in transit some 14 years ago when I moved from London to join Reader’s Digest as a senior editor in Sidney, before moving on to New Zealand.

Backlash needs to be written. Any readers with such confirmatory information – maybe including the ones who initially contacted me – might care to get in touch, with a view to it being incorporated with appropriate acknowledgements in the new book.

Tim Brinton and the rest of the cast of Alternative 3 were probably not aware of any sort of conspiracy. I do not believe they were aware of any sort of “realism” to the facts in the film.

That being said, I really wonder who exactly did come up with the idea for Alternative 3? How could they hit so close to the truth when we are only seeing these things happen now? How did they know about conspiracies that would only be made public two decades later?

We may never know what the truth behind Alternative 3′s creation really was or who had it pushed into public knowledge.

What we do know is that the film has hit the nail on the head as to what we are seeing now on the planet. It also detailed conspiracies like the Russian/American co-operation on a secret space program, Deep Underground Military Bases and cataclysmic earth changes.

I pray these events do not come to pass, but I fear as we saw in the film, that these events will take place and those of us that are aware, will need to prepare.


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