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The Illuminati's worst nightmare comes True

The secret is out. The secret that the Illuminati have been trying to suppress for thousands of years. The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. Sign up, register, PARTICIPATE TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

Use your iphone timer to countdown the prayer sessions. Millions of hearts combining with unprecedented force to change and heal the world we live in. Think of it as instant concentrations of focused vibrational energy and raised frequency. Oust the darkness, and beam the light. Blessings to you!! We are winning!!!!!

The fact that our combined thoughts and prayers aimed at the same thing at, at the same time, about the same subject, can literally change the outcome. The heart's electromagnetic field which has been scientifically proven to change the very atoms and fabric of our world is our weapon against the illuminati.
Our heart and our intentions have a direct influence on healing, and changing the outcome of situations.

The reason for the illuminati's destruction of our native and ancient cultures. To supress this fact. The reason why we have religious dogma. To deflect our real power and make us live in fear. The reason why we have a money system, so we are too busy paying taxes and scrounging a living to keep us busy. We have been lied to and had our true powers supressed. 2012 is all about the great awakening. And the realization of our true potential.

Go to register, and use your power with the rest of us and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We are living in the most exciting period of our history, we will prevail, and the illuminati, satanic cults, Freemasonry, and every other cancerous organisation on the planet have been put on notice. They will not prevail.

Peace and blessings to one and all

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