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Foods that Feed The Pineal Gland

Our pineal gland otherwise known as our master gland or the gland that governs over our third eye is the center of psychic awareness in the human mind. It is about the size of a pea and sits inside a cave located behind the pituitary gland. It naturally produces a hormone called melatonin which regulates human daily body rhythms that deal directly with the day and night cycles. Developing and expanding the function and the energy of your pineal gland is extremely important as it affects every system in your body physically and it has the potential to determine the expansion or the contraction of your psychic awareness, consciousness, and experience.

Sunlight is extremely important for the pineal gland and yes sunlight is a form of food as food is any substance that nourishes the body. Sunlight can be taken in and digested through the eyes, skin, hair, nose hairs, and ears and should be consumed for at least 30 minutes a day. To fully engage the pineal gland, sunlight should be taken in through the pupils.

Seaweed vegetables that are sun-dried by the sun contain high amounts of vitamin D, many vitamins in the B-vitamin family and iodine. Those vegetables include and are not limited to kombu, arame, wakame, dulse, nori, etc.

Dark leafy greens like our kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, bok choy, collard greens etc are extremely nourishing for the pineal gland as this gland absorbs the properties of the green color
of the vegetables and properly distributes them to the appropriate systems of the body so that the body is thoroughly nourished.

Consuming meats including fish that has high amounts of mercury, carbonated beverages, fluoride in our water and our toothpaste and access to smog negatively affect the pineal gland and can block its ability to function properly. When you consume meat from an animal, you are ingesting the DNA of that animal and therefore taking on the negative and positive experiences of an animal which could interrupt the ability of the pineal gland to take on its own psychic awareness blueprint of the individual.

The proper foods can positively affect your pineal gland but you can also activate your pineal gland by eating more of a raw foods, vegan, or vegetarian diet, running an ozone machine in your home to clean up the air in your home, and drinking filtered water. As much as the pineal gland needs sunlight, it also needs to produce enough serotonin to be activated so that it can increase its psychic awareness therefore serotonin is produced when the brain is asleep and therefore sleeping in a very dark room is extremely nourishing for the pineal gland as well. Foods that produce serotonin are almonds, bananas, hot peppers, rice, potatoes, and black-eyed peas and when consumed can also nourish and feed the pineal gland as well.

Source: selfgrowth

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  2. Its hard to imagine that anyone today thinks that the condition under which our food is grown, cared for and prepared has no bearing on its nutritional value! No matter how in denial, the very thought of veal should be enough to disturb a conscious human. Meat by torture? No good can come of consuming tainted foods, no matter what made the taint; fouled by its life/conditions, poisoned with pesticides, manipulated by monsanto or just plain in-humane evil handling/harvesting/processing! We are what we eat!

  3. Ozone is deadly when inhaled. Those Ozone generators do clean the air, but the byproduct is low level smog in your home. When you breath Ozone it scars lung tissue. Look it up. I agree with everything in this article but that. A better air cleaner is salt rock ionizers.

  4. Noni is known to help the pineal gland. Here is an article by Dr Mona Harrison on the subject.

  5. And Lord knows the pineal gland likes a little port wine. (me too)

  6. Here is a passage of interest from the book "Creation of the Superman" by Dr Raymond Bernard.

    "The thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands, which are intimately related to the mental and spiritual life of the individual, are directly activated by the absorbed sex fluid carried ( by way of sublimation/transmutation/tantra) to them by the blood. There is an interdependence between the genital and the thyroid glands, as there is between the latter and the brain." He continues " The sex secretions are carried from the oviducts/vas deferens(male) to the uterus/seminal vesicles which is permeated by a network of lymphatic vessels which absorb and draw up sexual fluid quickly as it is being formed. This fluid is collected at the Receptaculum Chyli, from where it is sent up through the thoracic duct into the left subclavian vein as it enters the heart. Thus it vitalizes the blood. From there it enters the carotid artery and the transmuted sex secretion is carried up by to nourish the brain, where it enters the third cerebral ventricle and into the pituitary body"

  7. Great info above and good insights from some commenter as well. But there is always some one who rushes through the info to get there negative opinion posted asap. Those on here who are actually interested enjoyed it, the others got their enjoyment from spreading there opinions and negativity so either way we all got some form of enjoyment from it... So thanks.
    Ps ozone is not deadly in small amounts, just like uranium, barium and even cyanide so DO clean your air with an electrostatic cell unit and if you dont want as much ozone { youll lose the benefits of negative ions, its your choice though } then turn off the ionizer and cut back on the ozone emitted! Class 1-3 medical air purifying devices emitt ozone so it clearly isnt enough to harm you.