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Whistleblowers Reveal New World Order Plans In The British And EU Parliaments

Whistleblowers Reveal Bilderberg, Rothschild, Vatican Bank NWO Plans In The British And EU Parliaments.

Mario Borghezio, Lega Nord (ITALY), Member of the European Parliament with the group 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy', questions the nominations of Bilderberg and Trilateral attendees for the posts of EU President and EU foreign minister.

Ashley Mote speaks at the European Parliament to draw their attention to the Global Security Fund (GSF), set up in early 1990s, which is no ordinary fund. It does not trade, it is not listed and has a totally different purpose. He believes it is being used for GEO political engineering purposes, apparently under the guidance of intelligence services. He asks what are the EU connections to the GSF and what relationship does it have to EU institutions?

There's a powerful organization holding a meeting in Spain, that features some of the world's most-influential politicians, bankers and even military chiefs. But you won't know what they're up to because the Bilderberg Club gets together under a veil of secrecy. Critics say it's making big, world-changing decisions behind people's backs.

Daniel Estulin, author and investigative journalist, has spoken to the European Parliament on his findings about the Bilderberg Group, a secretive and elite organization which unites some of the world's most powerful people.

James attracted some press and blog attention after a speech in the House of Lords on November 1, 2010, in which he claimed to have been approached by an unnamed organization wishing to fund massive public works projects in the UK with vast currency reserves backed by gold bullion.

Down below is his speech: The venue is the House of Lords, at 10:42pm on November 1st, 2010

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