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Universal Light - Love and Peace

The Soul, control the body: Like a driver in a car.
The Soul, contain: the mind + intellect + personality.

Your Original Religion is Peace and your Original Nature is Purity and Freedom.
The Supreme of All Human souls is GOD ( Supreme Soul ).
The Remover of Sorrow and Best power of Happiness and Liberation.
Supreme Soul is a Shining Point of Light.
The Ocean Of : Knowledge, Powers & Virtues.
Our Original Home is The Soul World, The Land of Liberation.
Soul give you The Golden Age, Heaven on Earth. Remember
Me alone with the Fire of Love.
Once Purified you will be full of My Powers & Virtues".
Yoga is the pilgrimage to commemorate the love and knowledge of the Supreme Soul. The Power of Yoga is Attained through Purity.
You are a Point of Light, a Star on Earth.
You, The Soul, are The Doer and The Experience.
The Body is The Instrument.
You play a unique role on this World Drama Stage.
The soul never dies, but sheds one human body after another.
All souls are Brothers.
Always be Powerful & Successful in the Mind, Knowledge in Talks and Love in Relations.
Do not Compare with others, Compete with others, or Expect from others.
Your Part is Purposeful, Special & the Best.
Your Attitude will Change your Vision.
Your Vision will Change the World.
Only together we can make a difference!

Love and blessings to all!

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