Two-headed turtle raises eyebrows in Slovakia - RiseEarth

Two-headed turtle raises eyebrows in Slovakia

A two-headed turtle with five feet is raising eyebrows in Slovakia after the bicephalic reptile hatched in the northern town of Zilina seven weeks ago.

"I call it Magdalena or just Magda and Lena. Magda, is the larger head and the smaller one is Lena," explained owner Roman Gresak.

The African Spurred Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) still fits neatly in the palm of Gresak's hand, but it could grow to 90 centimetres.

Magdalena's fifth foot sticks out between the two heads, which move independently.

Gresak insisted the turtle can thank its lucky stars that it was born in captivity.

It would likely perish among predators in the wild as there is not enough room inside the shell for both Magda and Lena to hide their heads at once, he said.

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