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Mother Earth - Every Day is Earth Day

The Earth Mother, Essence of Gaia, Blue White Planet you call your home. Your home has always been at my breast. Near my own heart. The Heart of Hearts. We are joined in this pulsing of heart energies . . . that beats in rhythmic time . . . the Light of Source Essence itself. In the way of the Heart, the Core Heart, the Sacred Heart . . . we are One.

My waters, fields, oceans, mountains, creatures, trees, and more pulse in the energies of your heart, just as your heart pulses in the energies of my waters, fields, oceans, mountains, creatures, trees, and more. We are inexplicably, undeniably, and eternally One. What happens within my energy fields happens to all of you. And what happens to each of you happens within me as well. It is time to hear the Heartbeat of One again. It is a vibration of Unity, Oneness, and Glorious Grace. It is a sight so pure and clear that it is unimaginable yet to you.

But it is here Now. It is coming through to you now, bit by bit, beat by beat, transmission by transmission. Your gatherings here at New Earth Living ignite the circuitry of this Sacred Heart Center that pulses the Sacred Heart Beat. Dear Ones - Open your hearts. Open your hearts to the goodness of the Sacred Heart Center's clarity. To the hope of its purity. To the essence of its Love-filled Light. To the inspiration of its creativity. To the Well-being of its Wholeness.

Be assured that in all of your desires and efforts to allow its Light-filled perfection . . . that you and I are re-uniting in essential Oneness - that at its core - creates the bliss just described. In your hearts, the blueprint for bliss lives! And this bliss I shine to you . . . with arms and heart openly outstretched . . . to hold you through the interim changes . . . to the Land of Heaven Here On Earth. The Source, you, and I have made manifest a Divine portal to a new dimension of peace, prosperity, and bliss for all. Trust your Heart Center to guide you . . . to the steady beat of Source flow . . . in all that you are and are rising to be. Know in the pulse of your heart . . .

We co-creatively desire a new experience of awakened creativity, wholeness, and well-being. Set your sights on where your heart guides you to see. And there, dear ones, you will be.This is my wish for you. This new day of refreshed Light and Love, from the Center of All, to the Sacred Central Heart, to your own Sacred Heart. We are One. We are radiant in this eternal connectedness and Light. Trust this Oneness, and allow its guiding Light. Blessings Heart Beings . . . Blessings to All!"

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