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Love Karma get the best True Love

What is love Karma you ask. First let’s understand what Karma is. Hinduism and Buddhism believe the effects of a person’s actions will determine that person’s destiny in his or her next incarnation and or life.
Most of us believe that the effects of our actions in this life determine what the person will experience in their upcoming and current life. The theory is that you get what you give and with that we come to love Karma.

The law of attraction is very powerful in the area of love. Everyone is looking for love and someone who has the same desires as they do. When it comes to love like attracts like in romance and physical needs if the natural science of love is allowed to unfold. We all fantasize about the perfect love for us and anytime you see evidence of another meeting this imagine you’re attracted to them.

The best way to create the love Karma you desire is to be true to your inner most desires. Go where others share the same experiences you enjoy. Express yourself honestly while dating and seeking a intimate partner.

Don’t tell people what you think they want to hear, tell them what you want and expect in a relationship. It is by being honest and real about your deepest thoughts about love and romance that you will be drawn to the person who’s right for you.

Hold love in high regard, and focus on the traits you admire about the opposite sex. Cast all if any bad experiences you’ve had out to the sea of forgetfulness and think only about the great and loving qualities you want in a lover. One of my favorite quotes is one from Einstein, “Imagination is everything it is the preview to life’s coming attractions” so imagine big and create a steamy passionate love.

Think about your perfect love, imagine having your perfect love and expect it to last a life time. Always treat love the way you would want love to treat you.

Treat the opposite sex with great admiration and respect. This is where the big Karma pay off really comes to life. Being a person who loves and admires the opposite sex makes your more attractive and sexy.

The best way to impress someone is to first be impressed with them. Allow yourself to be in awe of the charms and differences the opposite sex has to offer you. Allow them to fill up the gaps in your life and exercise their strengths to be a helpful addition.

Everyone needs to be needed so need others, let them help you and utilize their special qualities to better your life. Concentrating on the good in others and embrace these special abilities and characteristics. Be grateful and let your lover know how much you are impressed with their skills and talents. Let them know how important they are and how they complete you making you a better person who's better able to enjoy life.

Always give back to your lover making sure the eb and flow is constant. Never leave you lover feeling anything less than adoration, appreciation and pure sweet emotions that create an amazing and magical Love Karma, which will determine the love you attract and enjoy for life!

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