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Japan Quake and Tsunami Aftermath from Space

On March 13, 2011, floodwaters lingered along the Japanese coast near the city of Sendai, in the aftermath of a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. An Expedition 26 astronaut took this photograph from an altitude of 220 miles (350 kilometers) up on the International Space Station. North is at upper right. This picture shows an area north of Sendai, and part of the city of Higashimatsushima appears along the right edge of the image.

Astronauts in space have snapped photos from orbit of the effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami that have devastated Japan.

High-resolution photos taken from the International Space Station show some of the areas hit the hardest by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the northeastern coast of Japan.
"Our thoughts are with our friends in Japan," Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli , one of the three astronauts staying at the station, wrote in a Twitter post on March 13 – the same day one of the newly released photos was taken.

 The March 13 photo captured by the astronauts shows how the region north of the coastal city of Sendai appeared from the station's altitude of 220 miles (354 kilometers). The image shows Japan's Ishinomaki Bay, Naruse river and part of the city of Higashimatsushima. Flood water is rampant in the view.

"Both agricultural fields and settled areas are submerged by muddy water in this image," NASA officials said in a statement. "Water left by the tsunami surrounds the crisscrossing runways at Matsushima Airport."

The Ishinomaki Bay can also be seen coated in oil, which leaked from oil refineries damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

Another photo shows the coastline of Sendai and other nearby regions as they appeared yesterday (March 14) from a slightly lower altitude of about 215 miles (345 km).

"Through a thin haze of clouds, flooding was still discernible south of Sendai days after the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami," NASA officials said of the image.

Through a thin haze of clouds, flooding was still discernible south of Sendai days after the massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck on March 11, 2011. An Expedition 26 crew member took this photograph on March 14 from the International Space Station.

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