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Infinite Love - Love is a symbol of eternity

"Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end."

Love is the essence of life. It is everywhere present, even in your every breath. When you open your awareness to love, when you fill your life with love, you feel more and more alive. You feel at peace.You may have many material things in life that make your life more comfortable, but if you don't feel love, no matter how many material things you have accumulated that make you feel safe, you will feel as if something is missing. Love is that which brings a sense of aliveness and a sense of purpose.

Love is not just some kind of a mushy feeling. It is a powerful vibration. It contains within it the power of healing and a power of transmutation. Love must be consciously practiced. The practice begins with awareness that love is everywhere present and that love is at the core of everything created, at the core your own being. The practice continues by consciously choosing to express love - through all that you think and say and do.

By consciously directing love to any inharmonious condition, you can transmute it. The powerful vibration of love will consume and dissolve any lower, inharmonious condition and you will witness a miracle take place before your own eyes. By cultivating love within yourself, you will raise yourself above any obstacles and inharmonies. By cultivating love, if any part of your body needs healing, you may experience even spontaneous, miraculous healing. By cultivating love, your body will grow younger.

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