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Energy field of Mother Earth is changing

As we get closer to 2012, the energy field of Mother Earth is changing. The energy field is lightening and quickening. As the energy vibration of the planet changes so too does the energy field of each individual person need to change. As the energy vibration grows lighter and moves faster it is like being in a tornado: all those who are able to change with the energy vibration will move towards the center of the energy vibration.
The space in the center of the energy vibration is quiet and peaceful. All those who are not able to change and is heavy and dense will move to the edge of the energy vibration field and experience the intensity of the energy at the outside of the energy vibration field.
I suspect that most people would rather be in the center of the energy vibration field, where it is quiet, peaceful and calm. In order to be in the center, it is necessary to change our personal energy vibration fields that surround our body. Therefore, the question is how do we change our own energy fields to go along with the changes that are occurring in the energy vibrational fields of Mother Earth?

One way to teach our own bodies energy field to vibrate along with that of Mother Earth is to work with the sacred energy sites on the planet. These sacred sites hold the keys to learning how to change our energy vibration fields.
There are sacred sites all over Mother Earth. Some of them are well known. We know they were used in the distant past, because the peoples of those times left monuments at these sites that still exist today. The pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx, the Mayan Pyramids, Stonehenge, Mesa Verde, etc., are just a few of the well-known sacred sites. These sites hold knowledge, energy vibration and information that is still accessible today.
These changes in our nervous systems may initially be profound or subtle, but are always manifest. They manifest in unique ways in each individual depending on which physical and/or psychological blocks are present. As the blocks clear over time, a relationship with the greater consciousness becomes manifest for the individual. The individual begins to know beyond their current time frame or belief system. They come into Cosmic Consciousness.
These sacred sites hold information built into them in many ways. Buildings, temples and pyramids at these sites were constructed in certain patterns using sacred geometry to help activate the higher nervous system. Drawings and glyphs on pyramidal surfaces also represent sacred geometry as well as a form of record keeping. Mystery School meditation with sacred geometry can help the individual reawaken their body and nervous system to that of higher consciousness. As Hunbatz Men says, "Information is stored in stone and bone." We can connect with that higher information in these sacred sites that hold that information.

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