41st anniversary on April 22, 2011 Awesomeness Mother Earth Day - RiseEarth

41st anniversary on April 22, 2011 Awesomeness Mother Earth Day

Marking its 41st anniversary on Friday, April 22, 2011 Mother Earth Day will be celebrated by millions around the world.

Well I have been urged again and again to get on with writing about the 22nd of April 2011, it is another 444 = PERFECT LOVE DAY. This day as also been dedicated as 'INTERNATIONAL MOTHER EARTH DAY' and people are planning to celebrate it globally.

22 is a master number of the divine feminine vibration and it is to do with large schemes, charity, angels, building and spiritual leadership. It comes in the FOURTH month of APRIL in a FOUR year of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Its also PASSOVER for the Jewish people.

The idea behind the day - honoring the planet and all living things that inhabit it - began during the early 1960's hippie movement, as Earth Day bloomed into a grass roots cause that eventually culminated in the first official U.S. observance celebrated in 1970.

Today, many cities extend Earth Day celebrations for an entire week to increase awareness of recycling and better energy efficient communities that culminates with official Earth Day observances on April 22.

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