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The Goal of Your Life – A Gift to Humanity

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by Frank M. Wanderer PhD
The Mind Unleashed

You are unparalleled and unique.

No one, who has the same knowledge-wisdom-experience package as you do, has ever existed and will exist. Your life experience is only yours, it is unique, and your knowledge is only yours. Your wisdom, gained from experience, is also one of its kinds.

If you find your life goal or goals that fill you with excitement and joy, if you do what really makes you happy, then your actions and the fruits they produce are the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and to humanity.

You are a unique blossom of life. Just like we all are.

The world becomes more beautiful and better with you.

You pass on your unequalled creations, as gifts, to humanity.

And if we learn how to let the life programs inside us develop, then our lives will blossom, just like the beautiful rose, which grew from a seed. Maybe, at the moment, you find your life boring. You feel that you are just an ordinary person, who has no extra talent or knowledge, so you cannot provide anything to humanity that others could not.

You are wrong.

Your personality manifests in what you do. Like the works of inspired painters, composers, writers and other artists are unique and valuable because of their personalities.

What you really want?

What could be your life goal?

Have you ever wondered about this?

You felt, that behind life’s everyday routine, there is a huge question in you:

What is it I should really do?

What is my life goal, my life mission?

Find it, seek it!

Because if you find it, happiness will fill your days, you will flow together joyfully with life. You are happy and enthusiastic. You are alive, you truly are alive!

The program of becoming a rose is implicitly coded in the rose seed. It will not turn out to be a chrysanthemum, only and exclusively a rose. The program of the warbling, flying songbird is coded into the nestling hiding in the egg. When the sperm united with the egg cell, this zygote already had the program of becoming an adult. Then why would you not have in yourself the program of becoming a “grown up” man?

Just simply let yourself freely play with the question: What is it that really inspires you?

There must be at least one thing in you, which you do not practice because it is your duty, or that is how you make your living, but you do it because you do it with enthusiastic happiness. You enjoy it when you can do it.

Maybe this is handiwork. Maybe craftsmanship, photography, painting, creating handmade goods, or dealing with nature and people. When you find that thing or those things which you do with enthusiastic joy, you also find your life goal with them.

You know and feel it, that this is what you should do. Because when you are doing this, you are tireless, full of energy, happy and creative.

If the circumstances make it impossible for you to do these activities as your main occupation, then simply do them in your free time. But you should definitely do them: because if you do, life will be alive with joy in you and through you!

All you have to do is to become conscious and stay that way, nothing more. Live in the world and discover what is it that you do with joy and what makes you happy, and what is, at the same time, your life goal!

When you are conscious, you transfer the light of your consciousness onto your environment.

When you do your job with enthusiastic joy, the fruit of your work is your beautiful gift you give for life, evolution and for humanity.

From the book Ervin K. Kery: The Art of Mindfulness: Jump into Consciousness
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