There Is No Chance Of Getting Cancer: If You Have This In Your Hair, You Cannot Get This Fatal Disease

by Family Health Freedom Network

Have you ever been upset because of the forelock, while combing always goes to the wrong side, but you are not able to do anything with it? Even though you put a ton of hair gel, it does not help. But, do you know that the forelock is your “guardian angel”?

According to scientists, there is a certain relation between these“ troubled forelocks” and the genetic predisposition that keeps the body safe from cancer. People, who have “polarized cells”, have such forelocks.

The protein that is necessary to prevent cancer is part of the big family of proteins. These proteins control cell division, DNA replication and cell self-destruction. The scientists conducted an experiment. They gave this protein to insects, in order to examine anticancer properties. They noticed the strange phenomenon, the forelocks.

According to the researchers, forelocks in humans have similar causes.

You should keep in mind that if you cannot create the hairstyle you want, the reason for that are the genes that protect you from cancer.

There will be other future researches, in order to take the advantage of this phenomenon to produce more effective chemotherapy.

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