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6 Universal Experiences Every Old Soul Goes Through

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An old soul is a special person – one who lives life a little bit differently. To put it simply, an old soul is one that has reincarnated many times, as opposed to a younger, fresher soul that may be walking this Earth for the first time ever.

Old souls tend to have different attitudes, habits, temperaments and frankly, they’re just old at heart. Because of this, old souls tend to have pretty universal problems in life.

Old souls love spending time alone.

Old souls tend to be more introverted than their younger counterparts. They find strength in solitude and are often very comfortable with themselves.

As a result, they may not enjoy doing things like hitting the bars or going clubbing. This is one area where old souls seem “boring” to younger ones, but they don’t feel boring.

Old souls attract people.

Old souls often attract people to them for their wisdom and good humor, but often times, the consequence of that is that their energies are drained. Old souls tend to be extremely empathic people, meaning lots of attention and interaction tends to drain them.

Old souls tend to be loners.

Old souls like developing meaningful relationships with people.

As a result, you won’t likely see them going to a rager of a party.

Instead, they prefer one on one interactions or small groups of friends together.

They prefer to spend their energy building a tight knit circle.

Old souls are forgiving.

Old souls don’t hold grudges. They realize that staying mad and holding grudges is like drinking a poison and expecting the other person to get a tummy ache. They realize that we’re all connected, we’re all one, and that by being forgiving, they raise the vibration of the world.

Old souls are easy going people.

Sadly, this is one feature of old souls that lets them get taken advantage of the most.

Old souls aren’t usually controlling and mostly they just want to see folks having a good time.

This makes them easy targets of energy vampires and narcissists.

Their decisions aren’t often taken seriously.

Old souls have a powerful intuition, built up over tens or hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives lived since the beginning of mankind.

Their intuition is sharp and they make informed decisions based on it. Some of those decisions may seem to make absolutely no sense, but old souls rely on something beyond simple logic.

There are a lot of differences between young souls and old souls, but always remember that everyone has value, no matter the age of their soul.

Treat everyone with respect and we can shift the vibration of the world.
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