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If You Live In A City, Try This Smog-Detoxing Honey Elixir

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Some cities around the world are now so polluted that just breathing the air damages your lungs as badly as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. The fight for better urban air quality goes on, but in the meantime, try our smog-detox honey drink.

  1. Take a tablespoon of honey and add it to a mug.
  2. Fill said mug with boiling hot water.
  3. Allow your honey tea to cool before consumption.
  4. Take in the morning when you wake and again before bed.

Honey helps us with a number of things.
  • Honey helps normalize your digestive tract damaged from years of exposure to poor air quality. Honey also helps kill parasites.
  • Honey helps strengthen the immune system which is weakened by air pollution.
  • Honey can help kick-start the metabolism, helping you drop pounds too.
  • Honey helps clear up acne and blemishes and makes your skin softer and clearer.
Image credit: Metro Library and Archive, Flickr
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