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We Have it Within Ourselves to Raise our Conscious Level and That of Humanity

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Observing the inner and outer worldWe should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world.

If we don’t understand ourselves, no matter how many victories for truth there are, the inner level of the majority will keep dragging society downwards into corruption, disorder, and destruction. And even those who pursue truth in the world are not immune to the adverse effects of the subconscious.

All of us live in the present moment – it’s a quality of being alive, but it’s the way we perceive it that can make huge difference to our lives.

Within us is a multitude of constantly changing thoughts, feelings and emotions, and not all of it is good. In fact, in the subconscious are awful inner states that are usually hidden from awareness and that are the roots of corruption and destruction. The subconscious is essential for us to function in the world and it goes on while we are thinking about something else, but the problem is that it’s saturated by these ego states.

Our psyche responds automatically to things that we experience in our lives, but there are parts of it that we have the ability to change, which are the individual states that relate to thought, feeling, and emotion, and they constantly come and go. And so for example we can become less angry or less fearful and so on. These ego states such as anger, fear, greed, anxiety, aggression, and so on, are born of the basic human psyche, but they develop and multiply in complex directions according to each person, and it is through the many different inner states and thoughts that we subjectively interpret the world.

Most people don’t know it, but these inner states can be studied with self-observation and reduced and even removed. This is what gives us self-knowledge and it is with this that we can change and respond to life in a different way.

It’s in our own interests to change, because if we don’t know what is within us, it controls us beyond our awareness and we react and act automatically to life often in not the best ways, as it is determined by states that can be beyond our conscious will. This means not only that people can easily adversely affect how we feel and what we do, but that people can be unconsciously influenced and manipulated, and that is very dangerous for society.

Another thing is that low states can drag us down, no matter how positively we try to think, or how positively we try to be in a situation, and we as a humanity are driven compulsively by animal desires that are seemingly out of control. And with a population in this state, it’s no wonder the world is the sad way it is.

It makes sense to change what’s within so that we can respond to life without being so affected by subconscious states, because when we detach ourselves from them and are even free of them, we find an intelligence that allows us to make clear decisions.

This intelligence fundamentally comes from two sources: one which is a clear mind, and the other is consciousness. It is consciousness that is who we really are; thoughts, feelings, and emotions are passing and temporary, but consciousness is existence.

Within consciousness are many qualities, which we call spiritual, such as inner peace and love. Consciousness is our perception, and the less that gets in the way of perception, the greater the innate qualities of consciousness are able to manifest.

SmallConsciousness always exists in the present. Therefore to be in the present moment and feel inner peace, we must allow consciousness to perceive.

Consciousness needs the mind as its intermediary between itself and form, but the less subconscious, low animal ego states are in the way of form and consciousness, the clearer our perception of the moment is. And the clearer our minds are of low ego states, the more we are able to use our mind to its fullest capacity.

This requires self-observation and self-knowledge instead of automatically responding to life and depending on events for our happiness and fulfillment. This is a key to finding happiness within and if enough people practiced it, it could elevate our spiritual and moral level and literally change the entire world.

About the Author

Belsebuub is the author of a number of books on out-of-body experiences, dreams, self-knowledge, and esoteric wisdom including A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams which became a bestseller in its genre. His book Gazing into the Eternal was finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in spirituality, and he has appeared on over 60 radio and television programs internationally.

Belsebuub is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness, everyone has their own unique spiritual name, it’s a matter of knowing it. Please visit his excellent website, Belsebuub.com.
Source: Waking Times
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